Thursday, 3 March 2011

Planning and preparation

This is the link to the page with everything for Planning and Preparation: this is 20% of your mark, ie two whole grades.
Make sure everything is ticked off. There are also lists on the wall in the media room.
On Monday you should have shotlists, storyboard (for your video), survey completed, six annotated pages completed.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time to catch up.

Ciara - there's too much missing from your blog, and I know you may have it somewhere, but it must be done urgently. The list is at the bottom of your page, and only the Photoshop work and iWeb intro have to be done in school. The rest must be done as homework.
So come on: get it behind you!

Friday, 28 January 2011

I will create a website for Cherry Tree Secondary. The school has been taken over and wants a new outlook. The design of my website will have a modern stylish look to it and have the littlest amount of information possible so that it is easy to find and read. By carrying out the survey I have decided to use the school colours so that it is recognizable. I will use a conventional layout using a master head with the school name and image. Also I will incorporate images and videos of the school and activities that the school does. I will have a main menu linking to other pages of relevance to the school such as, subjects. The website will also use badges at the bottom of the page which represent the school. Other useful information will be used on the main page to help users such as the time and a calendar.

School Websites

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The list of work for your blog:

Hi Ciara -
This is the list of work that should be on your blog now:

25th January: Catch up: revise, checklist.

Check these pieces of work which are compulsory. Make your plans as to how you are going to catch them up, and post them on your blog.

Creating your blog.

Using a camera introduction

Photoshop your picture/s and post to blog.

Research on four school websites: 400 words short essay.


Catchup, including survey, annotated websites.

Draft brief for preliminary site.

Page layout.

Photoshop, first artwork.